Press Setup

For easiest operation, bolt the rear of the press down to a bench or table.
Be sure to place a thin piece of wood over the lower dies to protect them before
proceding. If the ram is packed separately, it must be installed at this time. Back the 4
brass ram guide bolts out just enough to insert the ram with the end hole down, and
the teeth facing the back of the press. Insert the brass thumbscrew into the side of the
ram. Raise the Ram up until the thumbscrew starts getting close to the press. Remove
the handle collar from the press arm, and insert the gear end into the hole in the
right side of the press, to mate with the ram teeth. Rotate the arm back raising the
ram, until it reaches its stop point. The arm should be in the up position, facing about
one o’clock. This position keeps the ram raised when the arm is released. Use a 1/8" hex
wrench to mount the collar on the press arm.

Rest the ram down onto the wood, being careful not to jam the upper die into the lower
one, and with your fingers, adjust the 4 brass bolts around the ram. This is done while
wiggling it in all directions until play is gone, but not applying too much resistance,
or the ram won't move freely.

This should be done from time to time to keep the ram stable.
With the ram raised up, rotate the lower die plate for the desired size under the ram.
The die plate will snap into position under the ram. Wiggle the die plate back and
forth until it feels correct. Loosen the small thumbscrew at the base of the ram, until
the upper die can be removed. Insert the proper die, and tighten the screw.

Too much pressure can split the key!

Try the press on a test key or piece of scrap,
adjusting the lower die up or down with a hex
wrench from the underside of the base. Adjust
and practice until the height and pressure are